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Reviews and Testimonials

"I had always been told what great skin I was lucky to have and that I looked so much younger than my age.  As I approached 60 years old – suddenly that changed.  My neck started to hang down and the skin around my mouth and lower face looked saggy.  I do a lot of public speaking and I started to become self-conscious about my appearance.

I had a consultation with Dr. Lattyak and was impressed with his training, his office staff, and his thorough and honest assessment of my concern. He discussed realistic expectations for a mini facelift (which includes a neck lift) and I felt very comfortable moving forward with the decision to schedule the surgery.

I could not be happier. The recovery time for the surgery was exactly as he had described and I was back in public a week after the surgery. It’s been a little more than 3 months since the surgery and I feel so happy about my appearance.  My friends and co-workers (who do not know about this journey) all comment how “rested” and happy I look. No one has guessed that I had a facelift. I definitely have my groove back.

I am so very grateful that I made the decision to schedule a mini facelift with Dr. Lattyak. He is a skilled and experienced surgeon with a kind and friendly bedside manner. I highly recommend the Élan Clinic and Dr. Lattyak."


Satisfied Patient

“I really appreciate the time taken to explain procedures and options by Dr. Lattyak when I came in for multiple procedures stemming from a car accident 10 years ago. Quality work and practically painless!”

“I’m a 60 year old teacher, not quite ready to retire. For my end of career time in the classroom I wanted to look more refreshed and youthful. Dr. Lattyak and his staff helped make this dream come true. The results of upper eyelid and brow lift are beautiful and the recovery period was over quickly. Thanks for everything."

“I am so happy with my experience with Dr. Lattyak, his staff, and my surgery results. I will (and do!) recommend this office to anyone considering surgery."

“Never had a better treatment. Nurses were great and Dr. Lattyak is remarkable."

“Dr. Lattyak has the expertise bedside manner and great support staff in one package. We were so fortunate to be able to have his care."

“After years of major stress in my life, I realized that it was all reflected in my face, sunken cheeks, droopy jowls, new wrinkles that none of the “miracle creams” created miracles on. Each time I looked in the mirror I saw more and more of my mother, and I had disappeared somewhere along the way. Deciding to finally do something for myself, I called Élan Clinic. I had heard about Juvederm and decided to give it a try. I was astonished, I felt joy rise up in me for the first time in a long while and I really did laugh out loud. I was back, this was me. I still had the softness age brings but I looked refreshed, years younger. I am so happy with this procedure, I intend to continue it as long as I am able. Thank you everyone at the Élan Clinic. This really has changed my attitude and my life in many many ways.”

“For me, the most difficult concern about cosmetic procedures is the doubt that comes with choosing a plastic surgeon.  You schedule a consultation, you have an assessment, and you see before and after pictures. But still there’s that doubt — will the results be what I am hoping for; have I communicated clearly enough; does the doctor have the skill and talent necessary?

Rest assured that not only does Dr. Lattyak have the skill and talent, but also the confidence to relate and connect with his patients. I am so glad he chose Grass Valley for his medical practice”

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